Look Again

Look up on a bright, sunny day
At the sky, a deep, clear blue.
Its depth is endless,
The vastness of it inconceivable.

Look carefully at the flowers
As they bloom in all their glory.
Such variety, such beauty;
Each one so simple, yet so complex,
But more exotic, more magnificent
Than the finest, most expensive clothes.
Many are the fragrances,
Memories of summers past;
Bringing a smile to the lips
And a warmth to the heart.

Look at the butterflies,
So delicate, so beautiful.
The rich colours hand-painted
With such care and precision.

Look at it all and be amazed,
Be breathless; be overawed!
Could this really have happened by chance?
Could all the magnificence and variety of nature,
The mountains, the forests, the vast deserts,
The oceans teeming with creatures,
All have been an accident?

Look again, with new eyes,
And be overwhelmed
By the love of the Creator.

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