The Conversation

What’s it all about then? It all seems rather weird.

I thought that Jesus was a bloke with long hair and a beard!

A sort of “hippy” teacher, in sandals and a frock

Who preached love and forgiveness but became a laughing stock.

Didn’t he have a party on top of some big hill?

It must have been a good one ‘cos they talk about it still!

But when the final crunch came, his mates all ran away;

Now, if he had been genuine, well, don’t you think they’d stay?

You ask me, who was Jesus? Well, he seemed a decent type

But the Son of God? You’re kidding! Don’t you know it’s all just hype?!!

Well, actually, Friend that isn’t quite a true account.

I think you’ll find the party was the Sermon on the Mount.

Another time, he had two fish and five small barley loaves –

They couldn’t get the caterers in to feed the hungry droves –

So Jesus blessed the food and asked his Father to provide,

And then he fed five thousand (with twelve baskets left aside!).

He fed the hungry, healed the sick and caused the blind to see,

And walked upon the water at the Sea of Galilee.

Quite clearly he was more than just a prophet or a preacher.

He wasn’t mad, or off his head, or just some “hippy teacher”!

No, Jesus said he was God’s Son, who’d come to pay the price

For sinful man, and let me say, it wasn’t very nice!

The price was death! It was the only way to set us free

From judgement, so upon the cross he paid the penalty.

The friends who took his body down had placed it in a tomb,

And rolled a massive boulder there to seal it in the room.

They rested on the Sabbath, but returned the following day

To find the body missing, and they ran out in dismay.

But then they heard the good news, that Jesus was alive –

Just as the prophets had foretold that death he would survive.

Eye witnesses support his resurrection from the grave,

Yet still he is rejected by the ones he came to save.

What else is there to say, my friend? He is the only way.

Perhaps you’d like to meet with him? You only have to say!

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