A picture…

A few years ago, I went on a wonderful quiet day at a nearby Abbey; a day in the company of others, but where we literally didn’t speak to each other but waited for God to speak to us. This was something he showed me. I can still see this vividly in my mind and feel the peace that is there…

“A picture of the universe, rotating. At the centre, is a dark circle, like the pupil of an eye, with the iris surrounding it. God is in that quiet, still, timeless place; it is where His provision comes from. We need to rest in that same quiet, still, timeless place, where He is. If it’s timeless, we can be there constantly, as it’s not a material, time-passing place. Being in the timeless place brings protection – we cannot be hurt there because a) we are with God, and b) nothing else can be there that is material.

We need to go to that place, run to that place, stay in that place of refuge and rest. Curves are of the Lord, corners are manmade – you cannot hide in a curve, you are always in His presence.

The song says, Jesus be the Centre, but He already IS the centre! We ask for Him to be at the centre of us – He wants us to be at the centre with Him.”

One thought on “A picture…

  1. We are having some building work done and I was just thinking (worrying?) about a balance of curves and lines. Angles seem to offer rigidity and strength but it is only in the all encompassing love of Jesus – his strong arms around us – that we are really safe. Thanks for your empowering and perspective-giving blog, pictures of gold.


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