The greatest story ever told… (the edited version!)

Almighty God came down to earth,

Took human form by virgin birth.

Escaped to Egypt, saved from death,

Then made his home in Nazareth.

Grew up in his family’s love

But knew he came from heaven above.

A grown man then, he was baptised –

God’s rescue plan already devised.

Into the wilderness he went

For forty days without relent.

Returned in power, spirit filled,

Acting as the Father willed.

Chose the twelve, began to preach,

To heal, deliver, feed and teach,

But met with trouble along the way

From religious leaders of the day.

Prepared for what he knew was coming –

A friend’s betrayal; horrific suffering;

Beatings, trial and false conviction;

Condemned to death by crucifixion.

Breathed his last, his work all done –

The victory over Satan won.

His friends in sorrow and dismay

Did not know what took place that day,

Until they saw that he was risen,

Restored to life from deathly prison.

Sent his disciples into the world

As the way to salvation was unfurled.

Returned to heaven, but all was not lost –

His Spirit came back at Pentecost.

Empowered his followers that they should not lack,

But continue their mission until he comes back.

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