Giving all for him…

Giving all for Him… can it be that hard? He gave His all for me. In that silent place of suffering, alone and in more pain that it is possible to describe. Can I give my all for Him? And, if not, why not? Isn’t that what friends and loved ones do for one another – give sacrificially – at some point in their lives?

My sacrifice will not hurt me the way His hurt Him. I will not have to endure brutal beatings, false conviction and hanging from a cross until I’m dead. My sacrifice will be small by comparison, but still I’m struggling. It takes courage to abandon one’s security – and I’m not that brave! Yet, if Jesus stood before me now, in the flesh, holding out His hand and saying, “Come!”, I would go without hesitation, wherever He wanted to lead me.

When we become Christians, we learn to “talk the talk”, but it gets more difficult as we set out to “walk the walk”. Jesus requires that we make sacrifices along the way – perhaps of our time, our money, our leisure pursuits, our family… Can the cost to us ever be too great to continue following Jesus? If we were to ask Him what He requires of us, He would say, “Everything.” But He gave His all for us – surely He is worthy of nothing less?

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