The world is looking for a hero…

The world is looking for a hero and not just any hero, but a SUPERhero! One who will stand up for the weak, be a friend to those in need and vanquish all our enemies. He has to be able to save the world in spectacular fashion! There’s Batman, Superman, Spiderman… But none are greater than GOD-MAN!

This is the superhero that calms the storm, turns water into wine, heals the sick, raises the dead… NOTHING is impossible for him; he speaks and it is made so. They tried to kill him but he came back from the dead – even the grave could not hold him! We are always safe with him because he is the genuine article, the one who is greater than all the other superheroes and always by our side.

When we stand up and say “Don’t look at me – I’m with HIM! HE is my refuge; HE is my strength; HE is my healer; HE is my provider!” then He is! From the very first time we ask him into our lives and situations, he’s right there and says he will never leave us from that day forward. That’s my kind of superhero… How about you?

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