Are you lost at sea?

Picture this…

You are floundering in the ocean. You have no boat, no point of reference. You have no idea how you ended up there or how deep the water is, but you’re way out of your depth, overwhelmed by fear, and you’re drowning.

Suddenly, you catch a glimpse of someone – a rescuer! You try to grab hold but he’s just out of reach. You start to panic and thrash about, but instead of coming to get you, he waits. Your strength is all but gone… you cry out! Then, as the water is about to close over your head and you are lost forever, strong arms take hold of you and a voice whispers in your ear, “Be still. I will save you.”

In your exhaustion, all you can do is let go and stop struggling. You tried everything, but you couldn’t save yourself.

And now you’re moving through the water, but you can’t see where you’re headed. All you can do is be at rest and feel the arms supporting you and know that as long as you remain still and trust your rescuer, he will take you through this “sea of troubles” to safety. He said he would. It’s what he does…

How many times do we try to save ourselves from all sorts of situations and feel overwhelmed with fear, as if we are about to drown..? Jesus is the only one who can save us, who never lets us sink, who moves at just the right time when we’ve exhausted our own efforts and finally look at him. He is right there, so close, waiting for us to let him BE our Saviour. It’s not just what he does – it’s who he is…

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