It’s that simple…

Thought for the week from April 2014

I was pondering how to tell people, and especially young people, about Jesus in a way that they can relate to. We often tell non-believers, “Jesus DIED for YOU – even if you were the last person left on the planet he would still have died for you!” – and we expect them to understand!

Whilst Jesus did indeed die for us all, I’m not sure that the average person these days can see the relevance of a man who claimed to be God, but was tortured to death 2000 years ago! Instead, I felt the Lord was saying, “Don’t tell them I died for them, tell them I am alive and I LIVE for THEM now!” People need to meet the person of Jesus first – the understanding of the why and how of the Gospel message will come later.

The modern world is instant – people can Tweet, post pictures and messages to numerous social media websites, text, e-mail, instant message or phone. Worldwide news is available 24 hours a day and information can be found on almost any subject with just a few keystrokes, so this is how I might explain Him now, in a nutshell of course, using a more Facebook-like analogy!

Jesus has an eternal time-line, endless in each direction, with His years on Earth somewhere in the middle. He’s not on Earth now, but we can chat with Him using personal messaging and He often gives us encouragement, help and comfort during these conversations. He puts up pictures of where He’s been and where He is now, so we know what it’s like there, and He posts important messages on His wall that are available for everyone to see. We are His friends and we are connected to all the other people who are also His friends. One day, He will de-activate His account and gather all His friends up to be with Him in person, and we will, as they say, all live happily ever after!

Of course, sharing the good news is not really that simple… Or is it?

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