So, here I am, spending a few days in a cottage at Ashburnham Place in Sussex with a friend. About 12.30am, with said friend fast asleep in bed, I was pottering about and listening to quiet music when I thought I heard knocking! We are on a private gated estate with no lights, extensive woodland all around and in the darkness outside, I realised someone was at the door…

I wasn’t scared actually, but thought it best to act with caution! I put the porch light on and called, “Hello?” through the bolted door. A man’s voice came back, “Hello? I’m booked in to stay here tonight.” I thought, You’re not Mate! And if you think I’m opening this door, you’re very much mistaken!

Anyway, the conversation continued and I realised he’d come to stay at the community up at the main house. He sounded French and there are a lot of young Christians from all over the UK and Europe who volunteer their time to help run this Christian retreat throughout the year. I told him reception was about half a mile up the lane, over the bridge, then follow the signs. He thanked me and left.

So, I then started thinking, I should have offered to drive him, as it really is DARK out here. I worried he might get lost and fall in the lake, or arrive to find all in darkness and end up sleeping on the grass. Poor guy…

So, I prayed for him. It was all that I could do in the circumstances, but I kicked myself for not being braver and bolder and having the courage of my convictions to help a lost stranger.

What would you have done? And, I wonder, what would Jesus have done?

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